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We offer pest control services in Oslo and surrounding areas, utilizing safe and effective methods. Our pest eradication services cover all types of pests at reasonable prices.

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Identifying the causes of pest problems can be challenging. Our local skilled technicians are trained to search for the root causes of pest issues. We carry out pest control without risking health or the environment. We always choose the safest method to ensure safety in your home. If you need help from a professional pest technician, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Effective Pest Control

Pests are an increasing problem in Oslo and Viken. The mild, moist climate provides ideal conditions for many species that often cause structural damage and discomfort.

Our pest control company is trained to use environmentally friendly methods to remove or prevent pest problems without unnecessarily burdening the surroundings. Exclusion is always the primary method of control. Keeping pests out of the home means they’re no longer a problem.

Common pests include mice, rats, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, silverfish, powderpost beetles, and bedbugs.

Pest Control Services in Oslo

Pests are troublesome for people and animals and can quickly destroy significant value if not controlled. Whether in residential or commercial properties, immediate action is recommended upon discovering pests. Our experts have been solving pest problems for many years.

Identifying Common Pests in Oslo

If you’re unsure about the pests in your home, we can help identify them. Not all indoor creatures require extermination, especially during the summer when many insects wander in but do no harm.

Our skilled technicians can quickly identify the problem pest, often with just a picture and some information from you.

There are several types of pests, each requiring different measures. Common pests include silverfish, pharaoh ants, rats, mice, cockroaches, bedbugs, powderpost beetles, and wasps.

Pest Control in Real Estate Transactions

Questions about pest situations arise in property sales. A written report from a home inspection can provide assurance. Unfortunately, many find undisclosed pest issues during property purchases.

How Is Pest Control Done?

Many methods exist for pest control. We use environmentally low-impact methods that are effective and well-researched.

Some pest species can become resistant to certain treatments, highlighting the importance of choosing a knowledgeable pest control company.

Better Pest Control Solutions

It’s comforting to know that help is just a call or email away, especially when you suspect a pest problem. It’s better to start early than late.

Silverfish Challenges

Silverfish were unknown in Norway until less than a decade ago but have since spread rapidly. They don’t damage property but can be psychologically distressing due to their numbers. Oslo has seen a significant increase in these pests.

Common Pest Issues: Mice and Rats

Mice and rats can cause significant damage to hidden installations. It’s crucial to start control measures quickly to prevent reproduction and damage.


Ant Control in Oslo

Ants, especially in spring, can invade homes if they find food. A sudden appearance of thousands indicates a nearby nest, requiring professional control.

Get Help with Pest Control in Oslo

Get a inspection for your pest problem in Oslo and suggestions for effective control measures.

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