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Pest control

Det å få rotter inn i boligen, er en ubehagelig opplevelse. De kan lage store ødeleggelser. Brann, vannskader og luktproblemer, i tillegg til å være skremmende. I de tilfellene man opplever rotter i hus, bør man benytte seg av professjonell skadedyrkontroll. Våre lokale teknikere har høy kompetanse og kan hjelpe deg raskt.

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Pest control

Pest Control: An Intriguing and Multi-Faceted Approach

Pest control is methods and techniques aimed at getting rid of animals and insects that can cause damage in physical, psychological, or economic ways, adversely affecting humans. This practice is not just about control; it’s about doing so with minimal environmental impact.

pest control

On the other side, pest eradication refers to tactics or methods that completely eliminate a pest population. In Norway, this primarily targets imported species that don’t belong in local homes or fauna.

What Exactly is Pest Control?

Pest control or eradication is a process where you eliminate or manage unwanted creatures termed as pests. Pests, ranging from rodents to bedbugs, have long caused concern due to their association with severe problems like health issues and property damage.

Pests are destructive insects or animals that disrupt human activities, damaging crops, livestock, and homes, and even causing severe health issues. People seek to eliminate them as soon as they notice their presence in their households or business premises. The methods for pest removal vary depending on the pest type.

Common Pests: A Closer Look

  • Rodents: Known for their ever-growing teeth, they prefer seeds, grains, and fruits, while some are omnivorous. They pose risks like furniture damage, crop destruction, and even house fires.
  • Cockroaches: Common in homes and businesses, they thrive in warm environments and can trigger asthma and spread bacteria.
  • Bedbugs: Parasites from the Cimicidae family, they can cause allergic reactions and skin infections.
  • Ants: These social insects live in large colonies and can transmit bacteria to food.

DIY Pest Control Tips

Here are some self-help tips for pest control:

  1. Bait and traps can effectively deal with pests like ants and rodents.
  2. Chemicals & insecticides are available over the counter, but caution and knowledge about these products are essential.
  3. Plants or oils as repellents – Plants like lavender and citronella can naturally repel pests.

For more products and guidance, visit If DIY methods fail, consider contacting a pest control company.


Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Company

Professional pest control often offers more effective solutions than DIY attempts. These technicians are well-versed in various methods and have the right knowledge to control pests efficiently and safely.

Why Choose Professional Pest Control?

Professionals exterminators stay updated with the latest and best methods. They use advanced technology, making their services more efficient, safer, and convenient. Family-friendly and pet-friendly methods ensure customer safety and peace of mind.


Professional help is not always nescessery

Sometimes people panic when they discover pests on their property. A pest control secret they keep from you, is that if you have household pests you don’t need them urgently. If there are pests in the house, there is no need to panic as it is typical for the pest to visit your home from time to time.





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